Rubrics is a tool for teachers to aid assessment and grading of students.

  • Grade your students on the go.
  • Document student learning.
  • Produce reports with a single tap.
  • Design your own rubrics.


▷Create and edit your own rubrics.
▷Choose from two to six assessment criteria for each rubric.
▷Choose your own grading:
For example: Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, Good, Outstanding.
or simply A,B,C,D ....
▷Option to add detailed score guidelines for each criteria, describing levels of quality from lowest to best.
▷Place students into one or more classes.
▷Allocate rubrics to students as required.
▷Allocate rubrics to students in a class.
▷Option to record comments/notes for each student.
▷Easily cycle through all students and use the badge values to quickly identify where learning difficulties exist.
▷You can now cycle between classes and update all students at once for the same skill.
▷Retain your students history when you rollover to next years class.

Printable Reports (Airprint compatible printer required)
▷Individual status report for each student including score and comments.
▷Heat map report by class to help teachers quickly assess learning difficulties of students or where students are excelling.

Data Import

▷Create rubrics on your MAC or PC, using the Spreadsheet Template provided. You can also copy content from the internet and paste into the template.
▷Import via Dropbox or Email
▷You can import rubrics created on the website

Visit How to Import Rubrics for import tips.

Email, Dropbox and Web browser module

▷Email or view reports via wifi on another computer, where they can be printed. This is handy if your printer is not AirPrint compatible
▷You can also save reports to Dropbox

Data Archiving

▷Backup and restore your data files on Dropbox, Google Drive or via email.

Desktop Reporting Dashboard for MS Excel

This tool provides reporting on your desktop using MS Excel 2007 or later. Simply export data using the Pivot Report feature to analyse using this tool.

XLSClick Here to Download Desktop Reporting Tool


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